Five fundamentals of table tennis techniques:

"Arc", "Force", "Speed", "Rotation" and "Drop Point". The arc is the flight path of the ball in the air. The forces acting on the ball, Is manifested by the advancd speed and the rotational strength of the ball. If you attack with a violent smash to trigger a weak opponents reaction, then you need to strike hard enough. If you strengthen the intensity of the rotation, whether it is manufacturing topspin or backspin, then you must be rubbing ball with strength. In order to minimize the preparation time of the opponents, you must seize the moment, hit back the ball with the fastest and shortest time, surprise the opponents, this is the speed. In order to increase the difficulty of the opponents to retaliate. You can try various spinning ball to force the opponents lapsus, or trigger an "opportunity" ball, this is the rotation. Ping-Pong ball is small, to achieve more powerful strike, you need to mobilize the opponents around, move or run.Therefor, you need to pay attention to the drop point. So, "Arc", "Force", "Speed", "Rotation" and "Drop Point" are the fundamentals of table tennis techniques.