Racket buying guide:

It is so-called Sharp tools make good job, it is very important for a ping pong lover to select a good ping pong racket to improve his techniques. While famous national players are using sophisticated imported rackets, it's troubled for a player to pick a right one. Ping Pong racket is consisted of backplane and rubber, Here we introduce several backplane:

Foreign boutique

Swedish STIGA is characterized by the large selection of Nordic and Africa's timber, with thin plate body, crafts and structure are emphasized, such as hollow grip and increasing the hardness by UV irradiation, etc. According to the current market sales, STIGA are the most wanted by the worldwide Ping Pong Players. However, it's price is slightly higher. It's suitable for the professional players or the advanced players. The current men's coach of the Chinese national table tennis team Liu Guoliang used to use STIGA.

Japanese Butterfly is characterized by Asian Paulownia, with thick plate body, backplane material selection are emphasized, few of the special material products are made of ZL carbon and ZL fiber. The butterfly backplane is today's most diverse variety of brand. However, it's target customers are professional players. In order to unleash Butterfly's max might, it needs a special rubber.

Chinese boutique

Galaxy compared with foreign brands, chinese backplane crafts are not as good as those foreign backplane crafts in terms of production, synthesis, drying. For the actual product quality, it's gaps. Currently there are no Chinese national table tennis players using Chinese backplane. However, Galaxy is a very popular brand in China. It's the first choice for most of the amateurs and beginners, some not so picky professional players are using Galaxy too.