The Peninsula Table Tennis Club(PTTC) is established by former US Champion Julio Ou on August 20, 2006, who was a Guangdong provincial team member in P.R. China. It is the very first private table tennis club in the bay area. After seven years of continuous improvement and perfection,The club has become a paradise for many table tennis enthusiasts in the Bay Area. With its Champion Coach team group and plentiful coaching experience, The club absolutely guarantees that every beginner to master the correct movement and have a solid basic skills. There are many table tennis members and students in this club, it has spacious parking lot and it provides the highest-quality international world-class competitions table,Beautiful interior decoration with bright light, air-condition, large screen TV, Kara OK, Coffee and snacks. It is the best place for exercise, demonstrate skills, make new friends, celebrate a birthday party. It is also a birth place for new learners.

Private Lesson Gift Regulation: (1) If lessons of a particular day of each month were chosen and paid for ($40/lesson) and if the same is planned for the next month, then one lesson will be given "free" at an agreed future date. (2) If a chosen day can not be taken for any reason, then another day of the same month can be chosen instead.


PTTC Summer Camp




第一个星期:Week one 05/23--05/28

第二个星期:Week two 05/30--06/03

第三个星期:Week three 06/06--06/10

第四个星期:Week four 06/13--06/17

第五个星期:Week five 06/20—06/24

第六个星期:Week six 06/27--07/01

第七个星期:Week seven 07/05—07/08(four days)

第八个星期:Week eight 07/11--07/15

第九个星期:Week nine 07/18--07/22

第十个星期:Week ten 07/25--07/29

第十一个星期:Week eleven 08/01--08/05

第十二个星期:Week twelve 08/08--08/12

第十三个星期:Week thirteen 08/15—08/19

第十四个星期:Week fourteen 08/22—08/26


PTTC is conducting a summer camp starts from 05/23/2016. This summer camp will have 2 sessions each class day (morning session and afternoon session). Morning session starts from 8:30am to 11:30am. Afternoon session starts from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm . These classes will be instructed by several PTTC champion coaches and the students will learn how to play table tennis for beginners and skills improvement for intermediates . Students can choose to participate either one session only or both sessions a day .

Age: 5 and above.

Below is the class schedules and tuition fees: 5 days a week full day class (morning and afternoon session): $250/person 5 days a week half day class (either morning or afternoon session): $150/person

Students also can choose to register less than 5 days a week full day class. Each single full day class from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm . Is $60/person . If students register for 4 consecutive weeks full day class can have $100off discount each time . Each single half day is $30

All students cannot leave the PTTC property area alone without adult supervise during class time and must be pick up by parents or guardians to leave PTTC . PTTC will not take any responsibility if any student leaves the club area alone without permission .Each student’s parents or guardians must leave at leave one emergency contact name and phone number in case of emergency . If students have any food allergies or special cares, please advice to PTTC to pay extra attention on the student when register.... If parents have any pick up and drop off problems ,please talk to the fount desk at the club

Peninsula Table Tennis Club Tel: (650)347-3280 或 (415) 971- 9657 1299Bayshore Hwy #100 Burlingame CA 94010